Health Care Body Massage Muscle Stimulatior

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1.16 Choices:
16 modes of stimulation, you can choose between a varied range of hitting, kneading, shiatsu and more. 16 massage techniques can relieve pain, including shoulder, waist, back, buttocks, etc. (by pressing the “M” button to change the mode).

Adjustable timing timer and intensity:
Create a timer programmed from 10 to 60 minutes by pressing the “T” button. And, the device turns off automatically when the time is up. Also, there are 10 levels of intensity, easy to adjust by pressing the “+/-” button to increase or decrease the intensity.

2. Products:
2 outlets are insulated and have the same power, allow 2 sets of pads to be applied to the different zones at the same time. In addition, you can share with your friends or family members to have fantastic massage experiences together.

3. Portable:
Compact size (9.5×5.0cm) and lightweight design, easy to carry, you can use it conveniently anywhere and anytime.

The LCD screen with backlight allows better viewing day and night. And, the battery indicator flashes when you need to recharge the battery.