Gund Laughing Chimp + WinFun Interactive Talking Mini Book

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Gund Laughing Chimp:

Cuddle up and have a laugh with this adorable animated plush toy. It’ll break into contagious laughter at the clap of the hand and will roll on the floor as it giggles, making it perfect for lightening up any day.

Talking Mini Book

Nowadays toys are not just meant for entertaining kids but they also can be used as early learning aids. The Winfun mini book is an advanced toy from WinFun, a renowned brand in kids toys. This talking mini book toy consists of 10 number buttons that can be used as a 10 note keypad that lets you mix songs and melodies. It also provides 26 sound effects that will not only enchant your child but also make your kid aware of different sounds and offers a fun learning experience.

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