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Enjoy refreshing water with a hint of your favourite fruit with a Fruit Infusing Water Bottle. These bottles have a separate fruit compartment or filter built-in to an otherwise standard water bottle that lets you add your choice of fresh fruit for naturally refreshing taste.

Here is a fun and healthy way to hydrate and detox, get a fruit infusing water bottle and choose from your choice of favourite fruits to make ordinary H20 taste better.

Infuse your water with herbs like mint, or get the refreshing taste of lemon or lime minus the calories that come with sugared water for a healthy and refreshing drink. Cut and load up your water bottle with slices of citrus fruits, kiwi, mango, strawberries or be adventurous and combine them to make your very own fruit infused mixer.

Now, you can load up any water bottle with fruits, but we won’t recommend it. You run the risk of jamming up the spout or face great difficulty drinking from it when the flow is blocked.

If you already have a fruit infuser bottle try one of the hacks below.

AVOIN 700ml Tritan Water Fruit Infuser BottleFruit Infuser Water Bottle Hacks

Put your fruit into the bottle instead of the fruit filter. The filter element is usually suspended and will stop infusing your water once your water level goes lower than the filter. Why not add the fruit in the bottle and keep the filter empty. The filter will still help water flow and not let pieces of fruit block the pathway and your water stay infused for longer.

Use frozen fruit. This will lower the temperature of your drinking water and still infuse it with the naturally fruity flavour. You may need to plan ahead like cutting up and freezing your fruit the night before, spread them out on a tray and making sure that they are small enough to go into the filter and load this in the morning ready for your day.

Crush your fruit. Mush up your fruit if they are soft enough of squeeze them and put the juice and pieces together into the bottle. This extra step works really well with citrus fruit but other fruits may cloud up your drinking water and may not be for everyone. It just means that you get a stronger fruit flavour in your drink.

Add real fruit juice. If you are not watching your calories, why not add real fruit juice into your fruit infusing water bottle. You can mix this with plain water at different ratios according to your taste instead of going 100% fruit juice. The fruit pieces will benefit from staying in real fruit juice and just as well, infuse the juice and water for even natural taste.

Add ice cubes into the fruit filter. As with the frozen fruit idea, why not add ice cubes into the filter for a cold drink when you are not using it with fruits. This is similar to water bottles with ice core but now that you have a fruit infuser bottle why not use it. It also means you have more drinking water when the ice melts.

Fruit Infused Water by Patrick SmithTake it with you anywhere. Your fruit infusing water bottle is small enough to fit into cup holders in the car and big enough to carry water for most activities so take it to the gym, yoga class, hiking, camping, office, college and traveling, or wherever life takes you.

Bring a small fork. At the end of the day when you water bottle is empty of water, open it up and enjoy your fruit from the filter. Nothing goes to waste.

Recipes: For more ideas, inspiration and recipes Patrick Smith’s book, Fruit Infused Water: 80 Vitamin Water Recipes for Weight Loss, Health and Detox Cleanse is a must have. There is enough recipes in there to last you for months. The recipe book is divided into metabolism boosting, refreshing and cooling, and finally, the detox drink.

The 10 Best Fruit Infuser Water Bottle

  1. Infuser Water Bottle – 28 ounce by Basily (795ml)  – SCREW TOP
  2. Tritan Water Fruit Infuser Bottle by AVOIN (800ml) – FLIP TOP
  3. Premium Fruit Infuser Water Bottle By Acquablend (700ml)- FLIP TOP & HANDLE
  4. Sagaform Bottle with Fruit Piston (700ml) – FLIP TOP
  5. Premium Fruit Infuser Water Bottle By Acquablend 24oz (682ml) – SCREW TOP
  6. Fruit Infuser Water Bottle by ZOMA (700ml) – FLIP TOP & HANDLE
  7. Puregadgets© Pink Fruit Infusing Water Bottle (700ml) – SCREW TOP*
  8. Elegiant® Water Bottle (800mL) – FLIP TOP & HANDLE
  9. Babz Fruit Fuzer Fusion Water Bottle (700ml) – SCREW TOP & HANDLE
  10. Fruit Infusing Water Bottle with Fruit Infuser by Wimports (750ml) – SCREW TOP & HANDLE*

* Our favourites

The Fruit Infusion Water Bottle Gallery

Infuser Water Bottle by Basily (795ml) – SCREW TOP

Basily Infuser Water Bottle

  • Capacity: 28 ounce (795ml)
  • Colour Option(s): Blue or Read
  • Made with BPA Free Commercial Grade Tritan.

Tritan Fruit Infuser Water Bottle by AVOIN (800ml) – FLIP TOP

AVOIN 800ml Tritan Water Fruit Infuser Bottle BLUE

  • Capacity: 800ml
  • Colour Option(s): black, blue, green, pink, purple, red or yellow
  • Leak proof, made with BPA free and shatter proof Tritan plastic.

Also available: Tritan Fruit Infuser Water Bottle by Gamsy (700ml) – FLIP TOP & FLIP HANDLE

Premium Fruit Infuser Water Bottle By Acquablend (700ml) – FLIP TOP & HANDLE

Premium Fruit Infuser Water Bottle By Acquablend RED

  • Capacity: 700ml
  • Colour Option(s): Blue or Red
  • Flip top, leak proof lid. Dishwasher Safe, BPA Free, Ideal for Gym & Outdoors, Recipe eBook Included.

Sagaform Bottle with Fruit Piston (800ml) – FLIP TOP

Sagaform Fresh Bottle

  • Capacity: 800ml
  • Colour Option(s): white, blue or green.

Premium Fruit Infuser Water Bottle By Acquablend 24oz (682ml) – SCREW TOP

Premium Fruit Infuser Water Bottle Acquablend 24oz

  • Capacity: 24 ounce (682ml)
  • Colour Option(s):
  • Dishwasher Safe, BPA Free, Ideal for Gym & Outdoors, Recipe eBook Included.

Fruit Infuser Water Bottle by ZOMA (700ml) – FLIP TOP & HANDLE


  • Capacity: 700ml
  • Colour Option(s):
  • Leak Free Locking Cap – BPA Free Tritan Plastic – Sport Spout for Easy Drinking.

Puregadgets© Pink Fruit Infusing Water Bottle (700ml) – SCREW TOP


  • Capacity: 700ml (600-750ml of water depending on the fruit)
  • Colour Option(s): black, blue, green or red
  • Stain resistant material, leak proof cap, BPA free Titan plastic.

Elegiant® Water Bottle (800mL) – FLIP TOP & FLIP HANDLE

Elegiant Water Bottle 800ml

  • Capacity: 800ml
  • Colour Option(s): black, blue, pink or yellow
  • BPA Free.

Babz Fruit Fuzer Fusion Water Bottle (700ml) – SCREW TOP & HANDLE

Babz Fruit Fuzer

  • Capacity: 700ml
  • Colour Option(s): black, green, blue, orange, pink, red, purple
  • BPA Free tough Tritan plastic.


Water Bottle with Fruit Infuser: It’s another day, and another fruit infusing water bottle is making some headway in the marketplace for these types of products. Without a doubt, there’s a strong trend going on right now, and for good reason. A lot of people are fans of flavored water, but they like to dump pouches of sugary substances in their beverage, shake it up, and then take it off to work, or whatever else they have planned for their busy schedules. What about health-conscious people who want to control exactly what they’re putting into their bodies? With fruit infusing water bottles, you can cut up whatever ingredients you want in order to infuse your water straight from the source. All of that being said, let’s check out the latest bad boy on the market — the Infusion Pro Premium Fruit Infused Water Bottle by Infusion Pro.

The Good

The first thing most of us look at when we’re researching products is the price of the item. This water bottle is perfect for those people who are budget-conscious and don’t want to pay an arm and a leg for a fruit infuser bottle. The Infusion Pro certainly isn’t going to break the bank, while it will definitely turn some heads. When toting this to the gym, office, school, beach, or anywhere else, you will have people come up to you to ask about your water bottle, who’ll be amazed when you tell them how inexpensive it was.

Let’s look over some key features of the Infusion Pro Premium:

– It’s dishwasher safe, so you can plop it on the top rack and not have to worry about hand-cleaning it.

– The design itself is a plus. This thing seriously looks like it’s a high-end fruit infusing bottle.

– The bottle comes with a lifetime guarantee, so if you ever need a replacement, you can get one without any hassle.

– The bottle comes in multiple color options: white, black and green.

A sweat-proof design means you won’t have condensation dripping all over the place when you put icy cold beverages in it. In other words, no more dirty cup holders that you’ll have to wipe off in your car! Speaking of wet cup holders, you’re likely wondering if this bottle leaks. There are O-rings in place that prevent that, and they work absolutely perfectly.

An important feature is the flip top lid, so you don’t have to worry about constantly screwing the lid on and off to get a sip of your infused water. The bottle opens on both ends, which makes hand-cleaning much easier. It’s available on Amazon Prime, so you can get it delivered within two days. One unique and interesting options is that you can purchase a 2-pack, which will save you a couple bucks versus if you were to purchase two separately.

The InfusionPro certainly has a versatile and quality-tested design, so it’s very rugged and able to take a beating. Whether you’re headed to the office or on a week-long hiking trip, you won’t have to worry about the bottle breaking on you. Even if something should happen to go wrong, you’d be pro-tected by the product guarantee that comes along with it.


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