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The Portable High-Capacity Emergency Survival Power Kit That Will KEEP YOUR FAMILY ALIVE AND SAFE

It is extremely powerful.

This amazing  device can start a 12V car in the event of an emergency.
It is truly versatile.
You can power your electronic devices no matter where you are. You can use it to jumpstart your car,  power your phone, tablet, laptop,  radio or other gadgets.
It’s very useful in keeping your lights or LEDs (torch, strobe lights), SOS signs when the power goes down.
Take it while hiking or camping and rely on your OWN electricity. Also, you can take it with you while hunting or in your deer blind thanks to its generous and silent power storage.
Furthermore, it comes with 4 USB charging points for extra compatibility and coverage.
It is compact and portable.
The unit is just a little bigger than a smart phone so you can carry with you in your bug out bag, purse, pocket, or car and have emergency backup power whenever and wherever you need it.



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Technical Advantages:
1. Car emergency start for 20 times
2. Fast start in the cold weather
3. Bright lighting for 40 hours
4. Flashing up for 30 hours
5. SOS signal for 120 hours
6. Size is much smaller than old products
7. Life up to 3-5 years
8. Convenience (home and car charger)
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bHandle emergency with ease,  It completely eliminates stress that comes with sudden car battery failure, flat tyre

Our multi-functional emergency kit contains Car Jump Starter, Artificial Current pack, Car Tyre Pump (air compressor), etc. It uses high-current battery that supports fast charging, low self-discharge, up to 3,000 charging cycles. Strong enough to jump start your car approx. 30 times when fully charged. Also comes with 5 additional new features including emergency hammer and safety knife.

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